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A new Supercomputer that predicts weather patterns and anomalies

A new Supercomputer that predicts weather patterns and anomalies Can you imagine a supercomputer powerful enough to make accurate predictions of high-impact weather up to two weeks ahead, of large-scale patterns up to four weeks ahead, and even global-scale anomalies up to a year ahead? The new High-Performance Computing Facility (HPCF) of the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF) is developed to do just that! A very...

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The Human Brain Project: Navigating brain networks

The Human Brain Project: navigating brain networks The human brain is a truly amazing and awe-inspiring thing. Performing feats that even the most sophisticated computers are only just starting to tackle, and doing so using a tiny amount of energy. Understanding the brain’s multi-level organisation and behaviours is a challenge so extraordinary that no single research project could claim to provide the full picture. Collaboration on a vast scale...

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PRACE: Europe’s supercomputing infrastructure relies on GÉANT

How does a researcher test out treatments on the human heart – without putting patients at risk? How does a scientist predict if certain cloud formations will become severe weather – so they can warn disaster teams? How does a car designer test out new materials in a collision – without building a new car every time? The only way to do these things is via computer simulation and modelling. However, 3D modelling and accurate...

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