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What does Mars sound like? Turning Red Planet’s data into music

Ever wondered what the planets sound like? As intrepid spacecraft roam the cosmos, the eerie sounds of outer space have long intrigued us. Which is why an innovative new artistic and scientific project is taking data from NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, and turning it into music.
Result? A completely new way of studying this fascinating planet—with wider implications for science as a whole. The Mars soundscapes project uses sonification to transform data from the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, and images from rovers, Curiosity and Opportunity.

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GÉANT and CLARIN: opening the door to Europe’s digital language library

Imagine a library containing every piece of language research ever created in Europe—not just written research, but spoken and multimodal, too. Every recording, every study, every data set, all in one place.
Scientists and researchers could share knowledge like never before. They’d have opportunities to mine, reference and visualise massive datasets.

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